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Rebuttal to this video on lumbar flexion

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  • Rebuttal to this video on lumbar flexion

    I saw this video on youtube about lumbar flexion (butt wink) and was hoping to get the Barbell Medicine gang's take on it. The video mentions two specific consequences of lumbar flexion under load - less efficiency during lifting and potential increase of injury risk.

    At 3:42 in the video, an argument is made via a model of a lumbar spine that repetitive lumbar flexion under load places extra stress on the lumbar discs that ultimately leads to disc bulges/herniations.

    After reading and listening to enough Barbell Medicine resources, I would go out on a limb and assume lumbar flexion would be considered less efficient (bad technique) but not necessarily more injurious.

    What does the BBM crew think about this?


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    We have beaten this topic to death repeatedly in our podcast, articles, videos, etc. and aren't likely to re-hash it again here.

    Here is another good resource on the topic:
    How is that for a title? A major concern of strength coaches, physiotherapists and other health care professionals is teaching people to NOT bend their spines when they lift things.  It is assumed that spinal flexion is an independent risk factor for low back injury and pain.  Fo
    IG / YT