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Update on Back Pain

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  • Update on Back Pain

    I made a thread here about a month ago
    Background I had been having a very good run of training. My e1RMs were the best they've ever been: 180kg squat, 95kg bench and 180kg deadlift. Last Monday after my top single on squat was when the back pain had started. The pain seems to be around the tailbone area, and slighted situated on the left. Core/lowback exercises

    And since then progress has been up and down

    For Bench, things have been going fine as they were before, but for squats things are maybe worse
    The pain is very inconsistent. For example I could squats with 100kg for a set of ten, or 110kg for a set of 5 without much issue, but then next time I would go to squat the warm ups with just 80kg for a few reps would give me problems. I tried front squats and those worked a bit, but again after 2 sets of 10 for 70kg that went fine the first rep on the third set gave me incredibly sharp pain which gave me walking problems for the rest of the day (walking had never been a trigger for pain up until then, only sitting up right). The "entry point" seems incredibly inconsistent right now

    As for deadlifts these are actually going better. Right now I've worked to doing block pulls and sumo deadlifts are two main variations mostly fine. The problem is that the weight isn't really progressing. Between the 90kg-110kg range my reps have gotten better, but any time I try up to around 120kg I hit a wall again, which is exactly where I was a month ago and I'm not sure how to progress now.