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Back tweak during peak

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  • Back tweak during peak

    Hi BBM,
    I am running Strength III.

    I tweaked my hip/back during day 4 of week 5 by overshooting RPE a bit on some paused deadlifts. I adjusted weights and tempos for week six squats and deadlifts and did the same during week 7’s low stress week. Things were starting to improve until I got too aggressive again with the same exercise at the end of week 7.

    Soooo... I am now in week 8 and the intensity is building and I cannot squat or DL heavy for the moment. Do you have a recommendation as to whether I should carry on with the rehab adjustments (lower weights, RPE, tempos) and follow the taper as I can? Or should I train with this adjusted loading for a week or two to allow this to de-sensitize and then circle back to week 7 or 8? Or other?


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    Overall you can approach this either way but considering you already had a second flare, I would adjust your loading for a week or two and allow things to settle down. I typically recommend the should progression caveat during these sticky times. By that I mean asking should I make this jump/use this weight versus could I make this jump/use this weight. It does leave things a little on the conservative side of things, but consistent training will continue to beat intermittent training due to setbacks from overreaching.


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      Thanks for your help here. I have been using your “could” versus “should” thought process and it is working well.