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    Hi Doctors

    I've a question about foot pain, which has developed in the past few weeks. The pain, in just my right foot, feels consistent with symptoms of plantar fasciopathy (I've searched the forum for other posts on plantar issues, hence picked up on your nuance in terminology), with the most significant pain being when first getting up in the morning or after I have been sat for a long period. I've also suffered with frequent cramps in my toes/end of my foot, typically 2 or 3 times a day.

    Prior to Christmas I had struggled in some sprint training sessions with some calf weakness towards the end of a session, but had put that down to the toughness of winter training where volume is increased in the cold weather (intensity decreased), every sprinter's least favourite time of year

    I'm trying to figure out what may have caused the onset of the pain. I guess the calf weakness could be linked?

    Aside from that, due to Covid I've been working from home since last March, which has reduced my step count compared to previous, but that has then remained generally fairly stable since that point, except for a brief but considerable decrease in step count in the few weeks before the pain began (due to poor weather and being very busy with work, not prioritising just getting up from my desk enough). I still trained in this time, which in addition to weights included two sprint sessions a week as sprinting is my primary sport. Could this have artificially created a spike in activity through the reduction in non-exercise step count that caused/contributed to the pain?

    Only other thing I can think of is whether lifting in my garage (first year doing so) in the cold winter weather may have an effect on foot pain/plantar issues? I usually deadlift just wearing socks, so they are pretty exposed to the cold, and indeed pretty constant changes in temperature from going back and forth from the house to the garage, which are very different temperatures.

    I've had no other change in programming except for recently reintroducing conventional DL after a long break (main style being sumo), but I didn't think that this was likely to have contributed.