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  • Sciatica-citations needed

    Hi Drs and BBM community,

    I'm a new coach in the powerlifting community and have had a client ask me questions about training with sciatica. I'm wondering if there are resources on this or any relevant and good quality studies you could point me to on the topic. Questions coming up for me in relation to this:

    What is sciatica and how should it be managed?
    Are there any risks for competitive powerlifters with a history of sciatica?
    Any tips for managine the mindset of a lifter with a history of sciatica?
    Should a situation of a ilfter with sciatica be looked at as just a similar situation to how we manage back pain generally?
    And finally- what is 'Nerve flossing'? Is it silly BS?

    Thanks everyone

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    Have you had a chance to read/listen to any of our existing content on back pain, which overlaps with the topic of sciatica? Most of this is already covered in detail in our content on, on our podcast/YouTube channel, and at .

    Outside of our material, Tom Jesson has produced a lot of content specific to the topic of sciatica that you may find helpful as well.
    IG / YT