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Shoulder pain... but not while lifting per se

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  • Shoulder pain... but not while lifting per se

    Me: male/57/200lbs. In case it's relevant: I had a right distal biceps tendon rupture/repair a year prior (not lifting related).

    I just purchased the BM Shoulder Rehab template last week. I think I can start in earnest this week after familiarizing myself with it.

    Anyway....last April was hitting PRs on bench press and deadlift (230*5 and 410*3 respectively; weird disparity, eh?). Around the same time I started noticing pain while sleeping and at extreme ranges of motion - but not while lifting. I backed off the intensity as a precaution then did a lot of the internal/external rotation band work that an ortho doc gave me when the symptoms didn't fade in a month. His cortisone shot did nothing, BTW.

    I still don't really feel much pain/discomfort during the lifts. Instead I might get a dull ache down the front of my arm and sometimes in back of my shoulder.

    When I mostly feel it: reaching across my chest! If I were to scratch an itch on my left upper arm for example, I get a deep throbbing pain that starts in the front on my right shoulder and upper arm which lasts 5-10 seconds - It almost seems like it's getting worse over the last month. Other ROM issues I'm experiencing can be mostly classified as "discomfort."

    To add/clarify: I actually DO have pain when I attempt a non-SSB squat (low or high). Shoulder pain just won't allow it. Tried my first SSB squat yesterday without issue.

    Does this sound typical - at least with respect to the types of issues the Rehab Template should cover?

    I'll be happy to do a consultation if you think it advisable. Thanks in advance.
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