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Knee Injury

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  • Knee Injury

    Hey Docs. I’m writing because last night while playing basketball I tweaked my knee. After landing from a rebound, my ankle rolled out slightly followed by knee. There was no Immediate swelling or bruising and I had minimal discomfort walking afterwards.

    This morning is different. I am experiencing a lot of disability and moderate pain. It feels very unstable and my range of motion is restricted, like I can’t extend my leg fully and I can’t bring my heel to my butt.

    I'm open to answering any question you may have. I meet the PAGA guidelines and consistently have for 10 years. I’m wondering y’all’s thoughts and suggestions, I’d really appreciate it!

    I don’t like the thought, but I noticed thinking about surgery. My thoughts are to find a range of motion I can work and then add resistance, but I am no expert.

    Thank y’all,

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    Update. Yesterday I was able to loosen up enough and completed 10x3 sets @6 of leg press and single leg step ups. This morning I’m experiencing more range of motion and more stability compared to yesterday morning.


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      Nice work. Sorry for the delay here, but sometimes a bit of time is all these things need to improve. Hope things have continued since your last post!
      IG / YT


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        Hey Dr. Baraki,
        Thanks for responding. It's continued to improve. I mostly struggling now when I extend my leg straight (think flexing quad). When doing this I feel a good amount of pain. I'm not ready to get back to rec basketball but I'm hopeful.