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Difference in Bicep Post Distal Repair

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  • Difference in Bicep Post Distal Repair


    I recently did a search on Google and was grateful to come across a thread on this forum.

    I am 6 months and 2 weeks post-op to repair my right distal bicep tendon.

    Recovery has gone great. I have around 50% of my strength back, and pain in the forearm/wrist gets better after each week. I am still working on the bicep conditioning.

    Anyway, my question is mostly about what's normal post-op in terms of appearance.

    I am in the process of losing some weight and having taken a progress picture today, I didn't realise how obvious the difference was in both biceps. I would say there's at least 1.5" difference from the tendon to the bicep...

    I have attached a pic for visuals.

    Any advice or peace of mind would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    The is relatively typical. It does resolve some as strength returns but it is more the norm than the exception to be able to tell some differences side to side long term after surgery. If you are at 50% of strength I would expect a decent measurement difference from one arm to the other.