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Pain and Rehab Coaching vs Athletic coaching? Which is best for me?

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  • Pain and Rehab Coaching vs Athletic coaching? Which is best for me?

    Hi BBM,

    I have been barbell training consistently for over 11 years and as such have encountered numerous tendinopathies that wax and wane.

    I have a failry extensive knowledge base and training history as I was previously an Army Ranger, Army MasterFitness trainer, certified EMT, compete in powerlifting, conducted plenty of personal research over the years, and am currently a senior at the University of Michigan getting my bachelors in movement science within the school of kinesiology. I currently have intentions to pursue a DPT. Recently, I have been wanting to start coaching as I have been someone my peers and family have consistently sought for advice over the years and can no longer go a day in the gym without someone looking for free advice for either aesthetics or strength. I love to talk about programming and have almost succeeded in finisiing all BBM podcast episodes. I believe coaching to be the next crucial step in my development especiallly considering my future. Current numbers are 515lb squat, 365 bench, and 627 deadlift all top singles at RPE8-9 @ 91kg BW 8.4%BF by DEXA.

    With the start of the summer and new work demands, my hip tendonapthy has put a stick in the spokes of my training so to speak. unfortanetly, the hip pain (from training) and rapid increase in work volume (manual labor boat and hoist installation; basically lots of deadlifting and hack dl? every year (seasonal job) sparks medial elbow tendonapthy) happend around the same time which already forced some changes to be made in my training(volume and load reduction). I have recently been throwing in split squats, lunges, reverse nordics, and hamstring curls, as well as some single leg hip airplane and swtiched to sumo deadlift and saftey bar squat in attempt to be less fatiguing on my already fatigued lower back. For weeks before I reduced volume and added in these variations I was taking ibuprofen just to tolerate training and sometimes now work. The hip pain has subsided and I saftey bar squatted 320lb for a set of 6 at RPE8 yesterday. I have the tendency of wanting to do too much and would love some guidence/mentorship.

    1. In your opinion, would I be better off with athletic coaching or pain and rehab? I am looking for a coach for myself as much as a mentor for me to gain new skills and confidnece coaching others/ learning the process.


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    Hey Andrew,

    I could make a case either way here. It sounds like you interest is heavily in the performance side of things and you are dealing with some nagging injuries. What might be your best fit here is to get with either Charlie or Cameron for coaching as they handle both the rehab side of things and performance. Since you want to do a DPT, I would likely slant a little more towards Charlie since that is his background as well.