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Meniscal tear surgery - guidance

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  • Meniscal tear surgery - guidance

    Hi there, I would really appreciate some broad guidance here.

    I had surgery for a meniscus tear on my knee about 6 years ago. Prior to the surgery I really pushed my knee hard and at times it felt like my lower leg was hanging on by a thread. For the surgery , the surgeon had to cut quite a lot of the meniscus out of my knee if I recall correctly - so I’m not sure how much meniscus I have left or the overall tissue state of the knee (a physio commented immediately after my surgery that I have some ‘second hand’ aspects of my knee now). After the surgery, I didn’t do any physio and pushed my knee quite hard very soon after surgery (too much too soon with running/ up and down stairs with heavy objects at work/ judo training).

    I’ve recently got back into resistance training after a long lay off and feeling pretty good. Basically, I suppose I’m looking for some guidance on what principles to follow and how to feel about this.

    I really want to continue resistance training and for conditioning, I would like to power walk up and down hills for reps as well as some backward walking up and down the hills. I don’t want to do anything that will be counterproductive to good knee health - are these activities feasible or even wise given my history?

    Thanks guys, would really appreciate your input, the content has been really helpful so far.

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    Hi there,

    Since you're looking for broad guidance, here is an article on this very topic as a good starting point:

    For more specific/individualized advice, a consultation with our team would be your next best bet.
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