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Lower Back Pain only when walking

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  • Lower Back Pain only when walking

    Hi Doctors!

    I am struggeling with this Problem for quite a while and no one could really tell me what the Problem might be. It all seems like guess work.

    I dont think that it is possible to give a real diagnose via a Forum and a written description but maybe you have an idea.

    As mentioned my lower Back starts to hurt whenever I go for a walk ... after about 500 meter to 1 km I sometims have to Squat down to get rid off the Pain for some more 200 Meters.

    It seems weird to me that it only really happens when walking... running is no issue, riding the bike no problem, lifting weights, bending over 7 hours a day while shoeing horses ... nothing.

    Oh and the pain is only on the right side.

    Have a good day

    Ps.: I have to add... it is less bad if I walk on no flat surfaces like in the Woods or when walking barefoot, if that helps.
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    Hey Joshua Swashbuckle,

    Thanks for your question. I'm sorry to hear about this lower back issue you've been dealing with. As you alluded to, diagnosing a specific cause via a Forum is quite difficult and likely not necessary in this situation (see here). Instead, focusing on potential modifications you can make to help reduce your sensitivity to walking after the 500 meter mark (on flat surfaces) is where I would recommend placing your efforts. To do that, maybe try tracking your walks a little more closely so you can gather a baseline. If you're starting to experience symptoms around the 5 minute mark, maybe try splitting those walks up into two, 2.5 minute walks and see how you do. You could also use that strategy to accumulate more total walking time with symptoms remaining at a tolerable level, so something like 2-4, 2.5 minute walks spaced throughout the day.

    The idea is to gradually build up your capacity for walking so that you're conditioned for your goal, whatever that may be (i.e. walk 10-15 minutes with symptoms at a tolerable level).

    I hope that helps. If the issue persists and you would like more guidance, we do offer 1-on-1 remote consultations and individualized rehab programming where we can more easily address your questions, discuss your goals, and come up with a game plan to work through this issue.