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Hamstring pain only when sitting

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  • Hamstring pain only when sitting

    I’m a relatively healthy 36 year old male that strength trains 4x week mainly focusing in SBD at typically lower RPEs and I’ve noticed a get a strange pain deep in the belly of my left hamstring when sitting at a desk for too long. If I stand or straighten out my leg for a bit it goes away but prolonged sitting with my knee bent brings it back. I work a desk job so sitting is just part of my day. I have a standing desk that I use to help the symptoms but I’d like to address the actual issue if possible.

    I notice no symptoms while lifting or being active. I don’t notice any symptoms when laying down, I’ve limited it to strictly when sitting at a desk (or similar position) in a typical knee bent sitting up position. I haven’t experienced nerve pain, that I know of, before but I’m suspecting that this might be that. Most of the pain presents itself deep in the mid belly of the hamstring but there is a slight shooting feeling down towards my knee but not at my knee or below. I don’t experience back pain or pain in the glute area.

    I try not to Google my symptoms because I feel like I’ll just nocebo myself but I’m not really sure what next steps I should try to resolve this issue. Any ideas?