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Hip rehab template - how much pain is acceptable?

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  • Hip rehab template - how much pain is acceptable?

    Hi there, I'm into my 4th week of the hip rehab template. I've had high hamstring tendinopathy that's been causing me issues for a few years on and off now. I've been really enjoying the template thus far but I'm just wondering how much discomfort I should be tolerating.

    The high bar pin squats on day 1 are generally pretty comfortable when executing them, however, the following 2 days I'm experiencing symptoms isolated in that area. I'm still able to do lateral lunges and belt squats the following day but with mild discomfort. Generally, the symptoms are resolved after 48 hours but I'm wondering whether this is within the criteria I should be aiming for in phase 1 or not. I'm also wondering whether maybe moving to something more tolerable like a front squat would be more appropriate.

    Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey Jason,

    The answer to this question is a little subjective but I will try and give you the normal recommendation I have athletes work with. Sometimes it is hard when it feels fine during training, but you are feeling it the next day. I would recommend using those symptoms to determine intensity for the next session under this format. The symptoms + effort not greater than 10 is a useful heuristic, especially for more chronic issues. So if the next day symptoms are 4/10 I would cap the following HBBS at RPE 6 for the following session. It may make the exercises seem a little more on the easy side, but it is a higher priority to decrease symptoms than put weight on the bar as you are in a rehab block.