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Lateral Pelvic Tilt/Hip Rehab Template

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  • Lateral Pelvic Tilt/Hip Rehab Template

    I’m actively recovering from a lateral pelvic tilt and decided to start the Hip Rehab template to get back to baseline performance. My pelvis and spine are back into alignment, but the musculature surrounding the pelvis (QL, glute medial, and some anterior hip/upper groin pain) is still tight and twingey.

    I’m looking for any suggestions for a dynamic cool down rather than static stretching after lifting. I already do static stretching, but like to do that before bed.


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    Hey Hoss,

    I am curious what you mean by recovering from a lateral pelvic tilt.

    You do not necessarily need a specific cooldown but it sounds like you are wanting some lower level movements to perform at the end of the workout. Exercises like walking lunges, walking high knees and butt kicks, cariocas, and even A and B-skips performed at a low intensity should more than check that box.