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Should I Seek a Doctor? Neck Popped and Tingling

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  • Should I Seek a Doctor? Neck Popped and Tingling

    Long story short, I was wrestling during grappling practice, attempted a poor takedown and my neck popped after my head made contact with the centerline of my partner’s upper body. After the pops, I felt pretty intense tingling in my left arm for roughly 15 seconds (I still feel a little tingling). This event happened about 30 minutes ago and freaked me out a little so I thought I would ask the forum. I know Barbell Medicine’s approach to pain, but does the approach change when there is an acute neck “injury” accompanied by a short duration of numbness in the arm? I do not feel any pain right now other than slight stiffness in my neck and slight tingling in my left arm.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Sorry for the delay here.

    Unfortunately we are not able to provide advice to recommend for or against seeking medical attention via this forum. If you are concerned, seeking attention is reasonable and I hope that things have improved since this incident!
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