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Hip pain tolerance.

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  • Hip pain tolerance.

    First time poster here. Just want to say thanks to the BBM team for helping me get through some injuries I had in the past with the use of the templates and pain what do article. I seem to be stuck with my hip tendinopathy and how to gauge whether the pain I feel is too much or just right. Is there a time frame for knowing whether the stimulus was too much? For example, I’ve had sessions where the pain happened during the session and then went away towards the end. I’ve also had sessions in which the pain was there during the session and then escalated higher after the session and remained elevated till the next morning. Should we aim for pain to go down by the end of session to consider it a success? I apologize if I’m not clear. Thanks again.

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    Hello and thanks for reaching out. There is a bit of an individual component here in how much risk is worth incurring. My recommendation when someone is trying to figure that out is to stray on the conservative side. Here would be my rationale for that advice. Gainzzz ultimately comes down to consistency as much as anything else. If you are pushing into symptoms consistently and it is limiting progress, you're likely better off accumulating volume at a lower intensity. If symptoms are escalating during the session, I would recommend backing off the weight.

    Should we aim for pain to go down by the end of session to consider it a success?

    I would say this is still a marginal question. It can be a successful session if you have some symptoms but were able to titrate what you were doing to not escalate symptoms. One skill that is seldom talked about in training is the ability to know when to take weight off the bar. We have a tendency to where once a plate has made it's way onto the bar the only thing that will remove it is the next exercise. It is perfectly okay to back off the weight in the middle of sets to titrate what you are feeling.


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      Got it! Thanks for the help.