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Hamstring injury during hip rehab

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  • Hamstring injury during hip rehab

    Hello, about two years ago I attempted NLP after a year layoff due to patellar tendinopathy on my right knee that I successfully rehabed. During the 6 weeks of NLP I started feeling a pain in my right upper glute that I ignored in the beginning, tired of injury setbacks, but it began to get worse to the point where my entire left leg would be numb for large parts of the day. After some months off the pain went away returning only when training resumed. I self diagnosed it as some hip/glute tendinopathy which I am now rehabbing with the BBM Hip Rehab Template. I have had great results so far but lately when doing squats with a 3-0-3 tempo I feel a pain in my left hamstring right before getting to the bottom of the squat and right after I come back up. It feel like my hamstring is stretching and is going to rip off. What could this be? Could it be another tendon injury of maybe a strain? How should I rid of this pain? The weight on the bar is 55 pounds and at the peak of NLP I was doing 210 for 3x5. Thanks for any help!
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    Just so I. can get an idea, how far into the template are you?

    Are you feeling symptoms while deadlifting or only at the bottom of your squat?


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      I started the rehab in phase 2 because I started my own rehab with squats and deadlifts by reading your tendinopathy articles. Decided to buy the template and by that time my hip pain had significantly reduced I skipped phase 1. It does not hurt as much when deadlifting. I just don't know how to classify this new pain
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