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  • DOMS in Senior Lifter

    Q for the Docs: Is it common in older lifters (my age 67) to rather rapidly develop chronic achy muscles or lingering DOMS, even though training has been pretty consistent over a long period of time (i.e. years)? I was taking 40mg of atorvastatin daily for the past 5+ years until I cut back to about 25mg a couple of weeks ago because I thought the atorvastatin might be the cause of the pain. That may have helped a little, but didn't solve the problem. At my yearly visit with my PCP last week, he squeezed on my quad and said he didn't think it was the statin, since I felt no pain from the applied pressure. The pain is worst in my shoulders, but it occurs in other muscles and even occurs in my hand and finger muscles. I lift every other day with routines such as 7 Week Hypertrophy, 12 Week Strength and similar programming, normally with sets in the RPE 7 to 9 range. I don't think I am training excessively, but the pain is significant and pretty consistent over the past 3 or 4 months. I am able to continue training, as the pain subsides during warmup sets just enough to allow me to get my workouts in. Any insights you might have would be appreciated.

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    One more thing, in case it has bearing. I have lost about 15 lbs. over the last two years - currently 181 lbs. at 6'-3" height. My diet is pretty good with lots of protein, and I have not been trying to lose weight, it has just occurred. I also take about 500 g of creatine daily.


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      How much has the weight you are using for your RPE 7-9 sets fluctuated week to week over the prior few months?


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        Thanks for the response. Not much fluctuation in the weights used and RPE. although the DOMS seemed to intensify rather quickly once it got going. My cardiologist recommended that I stop taking the statin for two weeks and see what happens. It's now been about 9 days since my last statin, and finally I am feeling somewhat less of the DOMS the past day or two. I think I may also have reduced my RPE a little over the past week. With the DOMS apparently receding, at least for now, I have noticed that part of my problem seems to be some injury in my chest and shoulders. The injury might be the result of starting to do upright rowing when I switched programs a few weeks ago. Also, I think I probably continued with regular bench and shoulder press training through the pain for too long. I have now started a rehab routine with 3 sets of 15 at reduced weight, per a webcast by Jordan and Austin from a few years back, with the plan of increasing weight and reducing reps as healing occurs. I also started taking CoQ10 and omega3 fish oil a few days ago when the pain was continuing to worsen, in the hope that might help.


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          Originally posted by Popowski View Post
          I also take about 500 g of creatine daily.
          Is this a typo?


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            Yeah, I believe that should be 5g (a level scoopful using the little spoon that comes in the package).