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  • PSOAS pain

    Everytime I deadlift or even during RDLs I feel a stabbing-like sensation in my PSOAS, sometimes the pain is so deahbilitating that I have to quit my workouts mid-session.
    My PT suggested acupuncture/massages around the P.S.O.A.S. area but even after those I'm still feeling very anxious regarding my PSOAS health.
    What do you suggest? Should I see a specialist? I will stop working out in the meantime to not worsen the pain.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about this. While we can't give you individualized recommendations via this forum, our general recommendations for managing pain in training can be found here:

    We do not recommend people stop exercising altogether to manage musculoskeletal pain.

    We also do not think that acupuncture/needling/massages are particularly useful for the majority of musculoskeletal pain. If you are feeling anxious, consulting with a healthcare professional may be helpful here. Our rehab team would be happy to consult with you as well.
    IG / YT