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  • Hit hand with DB

    This morning I whacked the meaty part of my thumb (the thumb metacarpal area; the part of my hand proximal to the wrist) with a 55# DB and it's very sore and a somewhat swollen. I've been icing it periodically, which hasn't helped much. I don't have any trouble moving the thumb.

    Is ice a good treatment option? Is there something else I should do?
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    Any time there is blunt force trauma, if you are not concerned about a fracture, the current recommendations are to keep moving within the realm of what you can tolerate. There is a very good blog on the subject you can read below. That being said, if you feel like ice is helping you with symptoms, there is no reason not to do it.

      By Blaise Dubois @blaisedubois and Jean-Francois Esculier @JFEsculier Rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries can be complex. Over the years, acronyms guiding their management have evolved from ICE to RICE[1], then to PRICE[2] and POLICE[3]. Although widely known, the evidence for these treatments is limited.  ICE/RICE/PRICE focus on acute management and ignore sub-acute and chronic stages of tissue [...]Read More...


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      I'm not sure what exercises I can do for that part of the thumb. The injured portion is the thumb bone within the palm. It currently only hurts when I apply pressure to the area that was hit and that's improved significantly. FWIW, I also have a lovely black and blue mark on my knee where my left hand was when the DB in the right hand hit my left.

      Good to know that anti-inflammatories are contra-indicated and that the usual keep moving as tolerated applies.