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Medial Epicondylitis Accommodation for LBBS

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  • Medial Epicondylitis Accommodation for LBBS

    I'm considering purchasing a specialty bar, i.e. Duffalo bar, to help minimize a recurrence or irritation of my medial epicondylitis. I was wondering if it will help with that. I know a SSB will help, but it results in a more upright squat. I'm not a competitor, but I definitely prefer the movement and feel of the LBBS. So I wanted to try to stick with it as much as possible.

    A little history on my issue. I've been experiencing medial epicondylitis for multiple years that seems to have risen from LBBS. I am also an avid golfer, which doesn't help. Recently, I was packing up for a move during some house renovations, and I exacerbated it significantly. I also developed lateral epicondylitis. It was to the point where I had trouble just gripping relatively light objects. I did see a ortho to address it. I received a cortisone injection for my medial and lateral epicondylitis. I also received OT to address the pain and help lengthen and strengthen my forearm. I also took several weeks off of golf. These have helped significantly. But now I want to try to get back to working out regularly, but don't want to re-aggravate my medial epicondylitis. The Duffalo bar looked promising for helping with this goal. Would it help with my goal, or is there a better option?

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    I think that either a buffalo/duffalo, cambered, or safety squat bar would all be reasonable options for this situation. I would also consider things like direct grip work, wrist curls/extensions, etc.
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