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  • Shoulder rehab hypertrophy

    I am in the first week of the shoulder rehab template. I am wondering if it would be a bad idea to add some additional exercises to hypertrophy the muscles of the forearm, calves and legs. I wanted to add wrist curls/extensions, forearm gripper work, leg extensions/leg curls/back extensions and calf raises. Is this a bad idea? Could I also do the perceived arm training 2x per week? I have also been dealing with low back pain for about 6 month now. I believe it is taking longer to get better because I have been playing rugby during that time but now I am in the off season. When doing the percribed lower body exercises in this template like the squats and deadlift I expirience mild pain in the entire lower back region and I don’t train these movements anywhere near failure. I used to deadlift 470 @190lbs body weight a year ago and squat 455 high bar. Any advice please?

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    There is a lot going on here, numerous questions, and we don't really know much about your symptoms or individual situation. That level of individualized advice is the kind of thing we typically need a consultation for, in order to get adequate details. But if those additional exercises are all very well-tolerated and do not seem to exacerbate pain symptoms/sensitivity, then go for it. But it is also possible for people to do "too much" all at once, and that can prolong the rehab process longer than it needs to take -- as you allude to with the rugby comment.
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