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Back and hip ache triggered during high bar squat

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  • Back and hip ache triggered during high bar squat


    I have been high bar squatting for many months now. I'm 5"10 and 155lbs, and I progress very slowly. I've been comfortable high bar squatting around 120lbs with no issues. Last week I moved up to 130lbs and had no issues. Today, I tried the same, but felt some achiness happen during my first working set that has persisted all day. I find it hard to describe, but the pain/aches make me want to stay bent over and not want to stand up straight. I'm wondering if someone here can pinpoint exactly what this is, and the cause. I'm guessing I'll be OK in a few days and carry on, but I'd like to better understand this. I.e. is this a "bad" pain or some kind of positive soreness? I generally feel like my glutes/hips/lower back are week, and I wonder if this could be the root cause. In which case, how can I improve to fix this?

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    Hi there

    Unfortunately there is no way to confidently pinpoint exactly what it is, or a single exact cause. These things are complicated, and not always "diagnosable".

    We have a lot of content available on pain, starting here:

    If you are interested in getting a quick consultation regarding your technique or basic programming approach, this might help
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