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Addressing lack of deadlift progress

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  • Addressing lack of deadlift progress

    Hey all, I'd just like to preface this post with a sincere thank you for everything the BBM team has done so far. It's a wonderful feeling to realize how uninformed I was about training, nutrition, pain, etc, and your work is greatly appreciated.

    I've been applying the programming strategies that have been discussed in the podcasts and seminars with excellent results in my bench and squat. Similar to Alan's recent video about being undertrained, I was certainly under-training in both of those lifts, and the combination of increased frequency, more volume at appropriate intensities, and practice with heavier weights have been incredibly helpful and I was surprised that I could adapt to the training load.

    After a slight hiatus from deadlift training due to no-ceboing myself and some technique issues, I started deadlifting again with a 2x per week frequency a few months ago and got back up to my old strength levels, but I'm struggling to make progress in terms of weekly E1RM increases. I'm trying to apply the ideas discussed in the programming podcasts to my situation, and it seems like the obvious answer is that I need more stress to drive adaptations. My second deadlift day "feels" very difficult yet it doesn't seem to be helping, so I'm considering changing it to be a less intense day with higher volume (something like 4-6 sets of 4-6 reps at 7 RPE). Does this sound like a step in the right direction for me? Should I consider just adding a third day of lighter deadlifts instead?

    For reference:
    200lbs male, 22 y/o
    400 squat, 300 bench, 420 deadlift

    Current deadlift programming is roughly like:
    First day:
    competition deadlift 1x1 @ 8 RPE
    competition deadlift 4-6 sets of 4-5 reps in the 65-75% range based on E1RM for the day

    Second day:
    2ct pause deadlift 1x1-3 @ 8 RPE
    2ct pause deadlift 3x3-5 @ 9 RPE

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    On your first day I'd probably bump up your intensity a bit, maybe to the 68-78% range.

    On your second day I'd skip the top single, add a set to the "back-off" work, and set the target intensity more @8 or so.
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      I'll give that a shot, thanks Austin!