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squat back angle guidelines

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  • squat back angle guidelines


    In the course of my training, bending over at the correct angle on the squat is something that has perplexed me frequently. I think this is largely because I am unsure what the guidelines for back angle are.

    I learned to from squat from reading Starting Strength, and in that book and elsewhere he emphasizes leaning over. Presumably he means that as a corrective for people who don't bend over enough ( "point your nipples at the floor", etc.). For me, however, instructions like this are not particularly helpful because I train alone and don't have a coach to tell when I am doing it right.

    What I would like to understand is-

    1. What are the criteria for a correct back angle?

    2. I assume that maintaining the bar over midfoot would be a primary concern, but is there more to consider than just that? Doesn't your knee movement make a difference?

    Again, I am searching for guidelines so that I can self-assess whether my back angle is correct.

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    I would emphasize to you:

    1) Ensuring the bar is in the correct position on your back.

    2) Ensuring the knees move forward and are set in place within by the 1/3 of the descent.

    3) Most importantly: I do NOT want you focusing on maintaining the barbell directly over the mid-foot, but rather that the system (including you plus barbell) remains perfectly balanced on the mid-foot throughout the squat. In other words, pay attention to where the pressure is on your mid-foot, and make sure it stays there.

    If you have further questions about your squat, I'd suggest posting a form check video to the BBM FB group or to our unmoderated forums below.
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      Dr. Baraki,

      Thanks for your response. It was helpful.