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SSLP: Light squats...yes or no?

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  • SSLP: Light squats...yes or no?

    Coaches, Thanks for all you do.

    For my son.

    6'3" 215

    Running SSLP since the end of Feb.

    Press - 70 lbs
    Bench - 97.5 lbs

    Press stalled two weeks ago and bench was very close. Added the BBM upper body plug-in which restarted progress on both lifts. Thanks, by the way.

    Deadlift - 255 lbs

    Still moving quickly.

    Squat - 215 lbs today.

    Has noticeably slowed over the last three training sessions. His squat mechanics are pretty solid. We lift with an SSC once a week. As I expected he recommended a 20% light day drop for his next lift.

    The recent discussions about the SRA cycle got me thinking about the best way to proceed.

    Am I correct that the light day is a form of peaking?

    Do you recommend the SSLP light day?

    Looking through the BBM templates I see the pattern of imposing stress with variations at lighter weights. He is definitely at the point where he can't continue to impose more stress with more weight. Would a tempo or paused squat be a better choice to impose more stress or would more volume at a lighter weight of the lift he already knows be a better choice?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I don't really have a big problem with using the light day to be honest.

    What we do take issue with is reducing training volume in a novice in an effort to continue increasing weight on the bar.
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