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Hamstring pull at the IT

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  • Hamstring pull at the IT

    Hello Drs.
    after 2 weeks off I seemed to have strained my right hamstring. After 5 sets of 3 reps of heavy
    squats I warmed up for deadlifts. On third set of heavy 3s I felt a pain on concentric part
    of deadlift before I got up to knees. I stopped the workout. Dr Baraki this seems like the same
    injury u, dr feigenbaum, and coach tip were discussing years ago (2014) that u had.
    i was hoping u guys had a good rx for hamstring strains at the ischial tuberosity?
    this is the first injury I have had in this location. Thank u in advance.

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    This sounds much more acute than what I had, which is actually good news for you.

    Keep moving around, don’t baby it, and find a load you can squat - even if the empty bar, or leg press if necessary, and work your way back up.
    IG / YT


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      Ok thank u Dr.
      should I deadlift as usual if pain doesn't increase even though that is how I got injured or just squat for now?


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        Yes, I would continue deadlifting. If it hurts, try a rack/block pull or RDL.
        IG / YT


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          Ok thk u very much appreciated