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The Bridge 1.0 Tracker - UPDATED

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  • The Bridge 1.0 Tracker - UPDATED

    Hey again,

    Back by popular demand is the spreadsheet I made for following and tracking the free version of The Bridge. Just view it with the link below and download a copy (menu in the top left of Google Sheets). The main difference with this version of the spreadsheet is calculators stickied to the top of the sheet and inclusion of an auto-populated analysis page. Don't forget to read the instructions page of the spreadsheet.

    I completed my run of the Bridge a few weeks ago and loved it. Added 90lb to my total which is not that impressive but it sure is a lot more progress than any program I ever designed for myself. Currently running the GPP Hypertrophy (highly recommend) and plan to run the Bridge again afterwards (with some modifications for the second go).

    I would just like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Barbell Medicine team for so much information that is being put out there for free to benefit us all. You guys are awesome!

    I did want to share the spreadsheet I made for tracking my progress and sticking to the Reps/RPE's prescribed.

    All credit goes to Dr. Feigenbaum and Dr. Baraki for putting out such a great program for free. So here is this spreadsheet for it for free as well!

    Keep up the amazing work!

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    Fantastic, thank you for sharing. I am in week 5 of Bridge 1.0 and using your original spreadsheet to help track it. Looking forward to playing with the updated version.


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      Damn you
      azeemqwerty! Now I have to tranfer all my numbers across to the new one (I am in week 2).

      Seriously, this is amazing. Thank you so very much.


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        Thank you for the spreadsheet..I'll start the Bridge 1.0 next Monday and this will help me a lot =)
        I'm not here to fit into your world...I'm here to build my own


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          No problem! Glad to be a part of this awesome community.

          Also keep getting requests to edit from people. If you want a copy, open it (it's view only) then in the top left file menu choose to download a copy and it's yours!