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general situational training advice.

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  • general situational training advice.

    Hey guys, hope all is going well. So to keep it short and to the point as always. I am finishing my second run through of the bridge in the next few weeks, the last day of the bridge is actually the last day of college for me FOREVER ha. Its been a stupid gnarly semester where all recovery has been compromised at some point but I have maintained 1rms/made progress on some as well. To finish out my degree I have to go do research/ field work in Wyoming for 6 weeks( not paid) so my spending money(food money) is very limited but they will provide me with 3 meals a day cafeteria style I assume. I know this work will likely be 6 days on 1 day off anywhere from 9-12 hours a day. Overall I know I will have about an hour to an hour and a half 2-3 times a week at the max to train, if any of the local gyms will even let me. My question is what kind of training should I be doing while I am limited to 1-2 ideally maybe 3 days a week of training with roughly only an hour or so to train? My goals are to keep getting stronger and start training for a meet/sign up for group training when I get back in mid July. Hopefully this is within the scope of this forum. Thanks for the help.

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    You could look at our Time Crunch template, or use one of the other 3-day per week templates and adjust the working weights down to fit your sessions with short rest periods.
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