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College Programming on a Budget

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  • College Programming on a Budget

    A sophomore at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 5 weeks of The Bridge have been completed, and the next chapter begins soon. I spent my first roughly 3 years of training doing unproductive nonsense (bro-workouts, bad form, etc). Any recommendations for programming/ coaching as a broke college student? I'm not trying to compete - probably just max relative strength around 215lbs. Gotta get there first since I failed to manage my nutrition and landed myself at 270lbs over the summer.

    P.S. Barbell Medicine is the type of movement I've been searching for my entire lifting life. I've been watching every video of you two I can find, from Alan Thrall to the SS podcasts of years ago. I'm thankful for what this company strives to achieve. Science+Lifting = Results.

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    Thanks for the kind words, abrunette.

    As far as programming/coaching as a broke college student, I'm not sure what resources are out there that we'd recommend outside of what we have produced for free, you know?
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