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Low back fatigue management

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  • Low back fatigue management

    Dear awesome barbell medicine team,

    I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at the seminar in sacramento next month!
    I have a question concerning low back fatigue since a very quickly fatigued low back is an issue for me that has been hindering training for a while. I lowbar squat on monday, pause lowbar squat on thursday. I conventional deadlift on friday and accessory pull on tuesday. Being unable to deadlift on friday due to low back fatigue has been a reoccuring problem.
    I was wondering which accessory pull fatigues the low back the least. Given they are trained with similar RPE and volume, I'm assuming the exercises should be somewhat comparable, adding different amounts of fatigue due to their differing leverages. I was thinking about training the paused deadlift, rack pull or sumo. Or maybe I should only pull once a week instead, to better manage fatigue?
    Info about me: I'm 230lbs at around 13%bf and 6"1. My competition 1RMs are a 500lbs squat, 340lbs bench, 585lbs deadlift. I have been training for 4 years, went through the NLP for the first 5 months, texas method after that and am now planning my training in 10 week cycles: 8 weeks of higher volume with intensity at around 65-75% followed by two weeks of low volume with intensity at around 85-95%.
    Thank you in advance and my best regards!


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    I don't know if I'd necessarily be looking at a different exercise for accessory pulls or at modulating the volume and/or intensity of the existing supplemental squat and pull. I'd probably just pull heavy on Tuesday to be honest. Less of the week's fatigue present there.
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