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GPP limits of acceptable form

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  • GPP limits of acceptable form

    First off, thanks for all the info you provide, including this free service.

    I recently completed The Bridge and am now a few weeks into the BBM HLM template. I've enjoyed both programs.

    My question is related to AMRAP exercises on GPP days. I've been doing AMRAP chins over 7 minutes as my non-ab GPP work since I began The Bridge.

    While I stop well short of failure on every set as instructed, past the 3:30 or so mark, my chins get increasingly less strict. I wouldn't call them kips, but my body gets more horizontal, my legs end up inevitably contributing a bit via an involuntary kick, etc. Is this tolerable for GPP work, or should I limit the sets to decently strict reps and consider any major slop to be equivalent to failure? I would tend to guess that some form slip is inevitable, and that this is why we do chins and rows for conditioning as opposed to more technical and potentially hazardous lifts like squats and deadlifts, but I'd like your input.


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    I would probably be more strict and cut the sets off a little earlier to avoid the kick, but I also would expect some form creep under fatigue.
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