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Pain along the ulna from various exercises

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  • Pain along the ulna from various exercises

    When i am supinated the pain is most likely to occur, it happens primarily with barbell curls. Rippetoes version of the barbell curl minimizes it. The pain is along the ulna, and starting from where it connects to my hand the pain radiates up about 60% of my arm. The pain is the worst when letting go of things.

    I do not get it while doing chin-ups. Chin-ups do not aggravate it at all.

    I've had this issue forever, it stops me from doing any curls and i want to do them sometimes. It also stops me from doing grip training once in a while too.

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    I unfortunately am not sure what’s going on with your arm.

    Can you do more neutral-grip curls (“hammer curls”) with dumbbells?
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      Yes it's possible, but if i annoy it with supinated curls then i cannot.

      I was thinking that maybe because i got strong at chinups, without doing curls my forearm developed in an uneven way compared to my biceps, and everything else. So maybe when i do curls, i am overloading some random ass muscles, since i am not used to loading it perpendicularly?

      Only a guess.


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        No idea, though that explanation seems unlikely to me as an explanation for pain.

        I'd just find a style of curl that you can tolerate and stick with that for a while. There isn't anything "magical" about supinated curls.
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