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How much cardio before it interferes?

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  • How much cardio before it interferes?

    I know that this is probably not a cookie cutter answer as everyone is different. With the warm weather I’m going to want to be doing more walks / hiking with my wife and dog. On top of that I also walk with my client at work. I would say right now I log probably 6-7 miles of walking in a week on top of my 4 day training schedule. I would consider myself a middle of the pack intermediate with a fairly built up workload capacity , do you think I could up those numbers to say 10-12 miles in a week with continued progress. I’m not aiming for records , my end of the year goal is 500-500-350

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    Yes, I think you’d adapt and be able to tolerate that just fine.
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      The general rule of thumb i read from Eric Helms was not to exceed half of the total weightlifting training time in cardio. i.e. if you lift 4 hours a week don't do anymore than 2 hours of cardio a week. Take that as you may ¯\(°_°)/¯


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        I am a pretty avid hiker myself. I have never found hiking or walking to interfere with my training. I've actually found it to have the opposite effect, it improves my recovery. Hiking can take a little time to build up a tolerance if you're doing steep hikes, but once your body is adjusted to doing it a few times a week then your fine provided you keep up with your hiking schedule and don't take a break and detrain.