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Hamstring pain at insertion - can't figure this out

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  • Hamstring pain at insertion - can't figure this out

    Hello Jordan and Austin. First off I wanted to thank you guys for what your doing. I recently discovered you guys and can't get enough of your info. I bought and started the bridge 2.0 because of how well thought out it is.

    A little background:
    Started training p90x from nothing 7 years ago. Went to a gym after about 2 years, spun my wheels for a while and started training for Powerlifting few years ago.

    187lb, 25 yo, 315x2 squat, 135x2 ohp, 205x6 bench, no idea deadlifts because of hamstring issues.

    I have spent countless hours researching this and have had 2 x Ray's, ultrasound, 3 physiotherapists, 2 doctors and 4 chiropractors who can't figure this out.

    A few years ago I had a sharp pain in my left hamstring just under the glute when squatting. I thought I was better after a few days and reinjured it. Rinse and repeat a few times until I stopped squatting and deadlifting for about a year.

    Finally when I went to all these specialists they had varying theories but nothing seemed to work until 1.5 years ago a sports chiro told me we needed to load it. We started doing single leg deadlifts with med ball, lunges etc and I could barely do them but after a few months I could do them fine but still couldn't load very heavy on squats and deadlifts. Deadlifts hurt off the ground and at the very end of the lockout and squats hurt locking out.

    Fast forward to now, I have this sharp pain at the same spot but in both hamstrings and oddly more in the right. I don't feel it much in the squat unless I go very heavy for me and sometimes not even then but I cannot deadlift at all without rounding my upper back to shorteb my hamstrings. I tried the same exercises the other chiro gave me but I can do them all fine this time.

    I have no idea how to fix this and seems like I just can't deadlift. My hamstring strength seems fine on hamstring curls and I can fully extend them straight up while laying down so they don't seem tight.

    Of note rdl's hurt a ton and pendlay rows hurt when I get out of the position. The pain is quite intense and very sharp and sudden and goes away nearly immediately.

    Sorry for the book, I have watched so many of your lectures and spent so many hours going to specialists a d doing research and I still can't deadlift.

    Thanks so much for your time.

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      Thanks for this and I'm sorry you're in pain.

      Austin and I both had this same sort of thing and I'll be honest, we never felt comfortable diagnosing it specifically because it's so weird.

      Anyway, it went away after awhile (like 20 weeks for me) and I can't pin point exactly what it was, but something you might try for 2-3 weeks is to replace back squats with front squats w a belt and pull from blocks/pins with the bar just below the knee. See if you can't get some mileage out of that.
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        Thanks for the prompt response. Sorry about the duplicate I didn't think this post went through. I will try front squats and pulling from pins for a few weeks and see how that feels.

        Thanks again. Its so nice to see some real information out there for a change. Really hoping I can find the money to make the Toronto seminar!