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Alterations to SSLP or early intermediate program due to subbing out LBBS

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  • Alterations to SSLP or early intermediate program due to subbing out LBBS

    I have a lifter who is not able to low bar squat due to an issue with his arm. He cannot get it behind the bar well enough, and therefore, cannot stabilize the bar. He can high bar squat OKAY (not great), but has to sidebend a little to get his arm behind the bar. He is able to front squat the most symmetric.

    Because of this, how might you alter the SSLP? Or, would you keep it the same? I didn't know if it might be beneficial to include more posterior chain work, such as 1-2 sets of RDLs, since the high bar or front squat position would not his this area quite as much.

    Also, I found Dr. Baraki's videos with Alan Thrall on low bar squatting super helpful! Do you have any good, similar resources for high bar and front squat?


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    The SSLP will work with HBBS without modification.

    There is a SS video for front squat (which this client doesn't need), but no good resource on HBBS that I know of.
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      You will never have a problem finding high bar squat tutorials on YouTube. Just search and you will have more than enough to watch. My favorites are from Calisthenics Movement and Athlean X. They both have some conflicting information, as do most exercise tutorials, so the rest may be up to you and your client figuring out what feels best.