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Wrist Wrap Basics

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  • Wrist Wrap Basics


    I've just picked up a pair of wrist wraps for my training as my wrists sometimes bother me a bit after pressing or benching--I figured I'd just start using these every time to prevent any further irritation for what was a cheap investment.

    For whatever reason, these are really confusing to me and I seem to see a lot of conflicting information about them and the proper way to use them. Here's an article I found about how to use them:
    I have no idea how much of this is true and cannot find any content that directly addresses this that you all have put out.

    A few questions:

    1.) How tight do I want to wrap these? Super, super tight for the working sets?
    2.) I assume I should be wrapping my wrists not my forearms, hence the name. In an X pattern, slightly up on my palm?
    3.) Does the first wrapping turn after looping the thumb go behind the hand or under the hand (basically, after wrapping, should the thumb loop trail behind your hand or across your palm)?
    4.) When should I take the thumb loop off after wrapping and when should I keep it on for the lift?

    Much appreciated! I've been looking around and again, seen some conflicting info...


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    1) Pretty tight, yes.

    2) Yes, you should be wrapping your wrists, as shown in the pictures in the article you linked.

    3) For most wraps that are "mirror image" designed with a left and a right in mind, the thumb loop tends to trail behind the hand for the first wrap. There are some wraps with no L and R where both are the exact same. In that case, one hand will have the loop trail behind the hand, while the other will cross the palm.

    4) I always take the thumb loop off after wrapping, as they aren't allowed to stay on in competition.
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