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Adjusting the program to assist with anxiety and depression

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  • Adjusting the program to assist with anxiety and depression

    I have been running the press template with great success, however I really want to start to play with adding in more short cardio sessions. I have had anxiety and depression for a really long time, and I used to do quite a bit of cardio which helped significantly with my issue. Weightlifting does help as well, however I don't feel like I am getting the same benefit with just two cardio sessions a week.

    So here is my question: I want to keep the strength gains going, however I want to keep the anxiety at bay as well. Knowing that I have responded well to cardio in the past I would like to ad in an extra day or two of cardio, just short 30ish minute sessions of moderate intensity. (I am also open to doing something like yoga as well) Do you have a recommendation on how I can add either more cardio or some yoga to the program without hindering progress significantly?

    Thanks in advance for the help you guys are great!


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    Are you doing the GPP work? It includes some conditioning. But yes, doing your cardio is fine.
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      "In this meta-analysis of 33 clinical trials including 1877 participants, resistance exercise training was associated with a significant reduction in depressive symptoms, with a moderate-sized mean effect. Total volume of resistance exercise training, health status, and strength improvements were not associated with the antidepressant effect; however, smaller reductions in depressive symptoms were derived from trials with blinded allocation and/or assessment."