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Not grinding out the Novice LP

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  • Not grinding out the Novice LP


    Since the primary driver of strength development in the novice phase is neural (form improvement), and the primary driver after the novice phase is hypertrophy, after three months of the NLP, if the form of the four lifts are good, is there really a reason to continue the NLP? When do I know to stop (when RPE of the four lifts reaches 9 or 10?), or does it even matter?

    My hunch given all the lectures is that the time frame to end the NLP doesn’t really matter, and it may be beneficial to add more volume and work capacity early on for long term development, because I will need to do that eventually anyways. I'm not necessarily missing out for not grinding out.

    Even though I do not feel physically burnt out from the NLP, I’m thinking to start the endurance template because I want to concentrate more on weight loss for the time being.



    From 02/19 to 05/15
    Weight: 102 kg to 95 kg
    Height: 5’8” o 5’8”
    Waist: ??? to 40”
    Press: 30 to [email protected] x5x3
    Bench: 45 to [email protected] x5x3
    Squat: 67.5 to [email protected] x5x3
    Deads: 75 to [email protected] x5x3
    Chins: 0 to BWx22 in 8min
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    Hi Elton,

    If you are making progress on the NLP, and you are able to recover and add more weight for your next session, meaning you are responding well to the stress and adapting, that's good. Keep doing this and making progress. If you don't need a change in programming/altered stress, there's not a compelling reason to alter your programming, right? Given your assessment of your training, it appears that you are NOT grinding things out, that you are recovering and making all your sets, so you can carry on.

    If you'd like to lean out, you can keep fine-tuning your nutrition as I assume you must be now, given your trend down. And you can add in some conditioning. If you are not doing any yet, one session of 20 mins steady state is a good start. That will also aid your work capacity.


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      Yeah, I think you are right. I’m probably overthinking it. :P

      This is the 3-day rotation I’ve been doing since February:
      Day 1: Rest
      Day 2: Squat 3x5, Bench 3x5, Lats for 8min
      Day 3: Deads 3x5, Press 3x5, LISS for 30min

      Is it reasonable to add HIIT as my third conditioning of the week?
      Sunday/Wednesday: Rest
      Monday/Thursday: Squat 3x5, Bench 3x5, Lats for 8min
      Tuesday/Friday: Deads 3x5, Press 3x5, LISS for 30min
      Saturday: HIIT or LISS for 60min

      I think coming from a cycling background (2012), I am itching to do more cycling now that the weather is getting nice.

      Thanks, Leah!
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        Happy to help!
        However, to clarify, this is not the novice LP (per SS as we most commonly refer to it). If you're already doing conditioning twice a week and you are losing weight, looks like you don't need to add more. That said, if you love cycling and being outside is good, I'd enjoy some weekend rides if that's important to you. Keep in mind there are some trade-offs: it's likely that you could make a marked strength increase right now, sparing your recovery time with less cycling. But if cycling matter to you, this is about life and longevity as well, so I'd enjoy those rides.


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          Woops. Sorry. I should have been more clear on my original post. The routine was given to me by our company trainer, who introduced me to Alan's Youtube channel, and is how I learned about BBM.
          I thought about switching over to the SSLP, but Alan told me at the seminar that as long as the routine is working, I should continue doing it.

          Right. It is about tradeoffs and long term goals. Thanks!
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