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Boxing and Powerlifting

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  • Boxing and Powerlifting

    So, I'm doing the bridge for the second time and I've been getting great results from it, Thank you guys from the barbell medicine crew.
    Aside from that, i have some questions.
    1. What is your opnion about jumping rope for conditioning? Is it good? Is it bad? Can cause some troubles, like, injuries? How one should do it? 10 times, each for 2min giving 1min rest?
    2. I am starting to get interested in boxing and I would like to practice it, however, I really like doing the squat/bench/deadlift and raise my numbers on those. How should i do Boxing and Powerlifiting at the same time? Do it in GPP days? It would affect a lot my training?
    Thanks for the amazing content guys!

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    Thanks for the message and the kind words.

    As for your questions:

    1) I don't love it compared to other options for the same reasons I don't love running for most folks. Without previous experience the risk:benefit is > than it should be IMO. I probably wouldn't recommend it if you have other options.

    2) I wouldn't combine boxing and competitive powerlifting. They aren't compatible really, but if you love boxing and lifting then you can certainly do a strength training program alongside boxing training. Training boxing will require some resources to both train and recover from, but it's a compromise that it sounds like you're wanting to make. I don't really have a preferred way to set this up that is generally useful because I have no idea what you're going to be doing for boxing training or how you'll tolerate it. That said, you could do it in place on GPP and see how it goes. That seems reasonable.
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