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Suggestions for altering template/programming to line up with meet

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  • Suggestions for altering template/programming to line up with meet

    Hey guys,

    I just completed Week 1 of the 12 Week Strength Template. Prior to this I completed the Hypertrophy template. There's a meet on August 19th, which will be at the end of "Week 14" - and there's also a meet on September 8th (end of "Week 17"). This will be my first meet and I know I won't be competitive, but I'd still like to train in an effective manner to I can prepare and peak properly - I'm not really fussed about the comps being different federations or anything like that. Which date is more ideal to train towards? And do you have any suggestions on how I can alter the template to make it work?

    The best I have come up with is going for the September 8th meet. I can do up to and including Week 5 as is, and then restart from Week 1 while changing up the supplemental/variation lifts. That way the end of the new "Week 12" will line up with the meet date. I'm also open to group programming for the month I am "resetting" - only if that seems like a viable option, and won't disrupt the remainder of the template.


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    Both meets are basically at the same time. I'd do the one in August and repeat weeks 2 and 3 of the 12 week strength program to extend it.
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      Well... that's much easier. Thanks!