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Another Ramadan Question

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  • Another Ramadan Question

    I was hoping to get a little help regarding my training during Ramadan if it's not too much trouble, I've only seen questions regarding nutrition so far.

    I live in Scotland, with the time to eat currently around 21:40 and 03:30. I am 6" 3, ~230 pounds with a 44 inch waste. Current goal is losing fat, while maintaining the strength that I've gained from finishing my LP. I am trying to get in around 2900 calories. P:F:C - 240:80:305, probably managing slightly less than this though.

    I am currently running The Bridge, on the 1st day of the 3rd week. I have found though that training fasted is a massive disadvantage. I train first thing in the morning, around 7am, or around midday. The first and second weeks [email protected] on the squats were 140kg and 145kg respectively, felt pretty confident that I could have done two more reps each time. Today, my highest [email protected] was 122.5kg, and if I'm being honest it was an RPE 8.5, maybe 9 and don't get me started on the deadlift from my last workout. The intensity just seems to be insane. I'm not sure if it's all in my mind, because I 'know' I'm at a massive disadvantage, or because I am genuinely dehydrated.

    I'm just wondering if The Bridge is the best program right now, I would have been buying both the 12 Week Strength and GPP Hypertrophy programs after The Bridge and cycling them, wondering if it might be best to just get the Hypertrophy one now, since it has higher volume but isn't so heavy on fatigue, or maybe get the Time Crunch, which will allow me to do the basics quickly, without training dragging out (and the lack of conditioning would be good too). Of course I could just continue The Bridge with the knowledge that my strength will inevitably go down no matter what I do. Any thoughts on what would be optimal?

    Cheers for any help.

    P.S - Just for a laugh: My family think I'm crazy for still going to the gym, and my response was the Baraki "What am I gonna do, not train?", albeit, less badass sounding, and the resounding answer was "Yes, you should stop immediately". Still struggling onward anyway.

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    I would train do the Bridge and use the RPE's to select your weights. Training fasted is likely suboptimal, but what are you gonna do, Not train?

    Also, I don't think there is a good program that allows for fasted training anyway and given that the Bridge is RPE based, I think it's pretty well suited to this application.
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