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Getting back into programming after minor low back tweak

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  • Getting back into programming after minor low back tweak

    Hi docs/coaches,

    During week 3 of The Bridge 2.0 (i ran 1.0 prior) I tweaked my low back deadlifting. I had to cut volume and intensity short for squats and DLs for the two following sessions after the tweak occurred due to pain...I just tried to get some work in while keeping underneath my pain threshold. Presses/benches were fine and I did the prescribed work.

    My question is...if I end up doing some sort of mini rehab protocol similar to Alan Thrall's video, how should I approach moving back into my Bridge 2.0 programming? Should I jump back in where i left off? Or would i need to do some sort of "min LP" and then restart the bridge?

    I know these types of things have been being posted a lot on the FB pages and forums, but I could not find this specific question. So, apologies if I missed it.


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    Most of these back tweaks, if properly managed the way we've described, tend to be fully resolved in anywhere from 48 hours to a few days/1 week post-injury. In which case, I'd pick up where you left off.
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      Thanks doc!