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Post Novice Transition after Long Lay off

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  • Post Novice Transition after Long Lay off

    Hi Jordan and Austin,

    I'm currently running a NLP after a >1year layoff. I'm 35 years old and I've lifted off and on for 20 years so I carry a decent amount of muscle. My problem is that I've always fought my weight. Although I've never sought medical test to confirm, I really think my weight problem is more of a discipline problem. I was actually a client of Jordan's a few years back and saw success. That experience gave me the knowledge of how to get it off, so now it's just a matter of consistency. Currently 5'8" 278 lbs 50in waist, 54in chest. I'm down from 311lbs on Dec 27 2017. Obviously weight loss is my main goal at this point to get my waist to a safe size.

    I've run an NLP before and ending weights after 5 months were
    Squat 5x3 @ 380/ 2x3 @ 385
    Bench 2x3 @ 240
    Press 3x5 @ 150
    Deadlift 1x5 @375

    I added in a light squat day once the work weight reached 315, and switched to a mix of backoff sets and 5 sets of 3 somewhere around 350. Needless to say that month and half beat me up pretty bad, especially in calorie deficit. I lost 30lbs in that time frame as well.

    I apologize for being long winded with my history, but I wanted to make sure you had an accurate picture. I'm in the middle of another NLP similar to SSLP with Rows subbed in for PC. My current work weight for sets of 5 are s240, b180, DL245, and P115. All of these are currently at RPE's that I feel are less than 7. I honestly think endurance would be more of an issue than strength if I had to carry those weights to a max rep set. I had planned to switch to a light Wed once I hit 300 in squat again. Should I just skip the light day procedure and move on to post novice programming?

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    I would switch to The Bridge when LP stops working for you. Pass on the light day.
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