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Alternatives for squatting and deadlifting

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  • Alternatives for squatting and deadlifting

    Hi coaches,

    I know this isn't a fun question to answer, but I need your help.

    I have recurring lower back pain when squatting and deadlifting every couple of months. Sometimes it's because I screw my technique up but sometimes I have no clue why. It mainly hurts when I unrack and rerack the squat bar (the compression and decompression hurts).

    Keep on squatting the same way with this pain is unwise. I've learned that the hard way.

    I train at my home gym and have a transformer bar (Chris Duffin's) and a Trap Deadliftbar available along with some dumbbells and kettlebells

    I was thinking about doing something like unilateral work combined with good mornings to keep both legs/back strong/muscular while my back can recover. But I would like to first come to you guys for advice.

    What could I do until the pain is gone and I can train normally again. I do your12 week strength program and like to keep that kind of format.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards, Steven

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    I'm not sure if I would actually have you stop squatting and deadlifitng entirely, but rather a few weeks of front squats and RDL's with a belt in their place might work to get you over the discomfort. Let's try that and see what happens.

    For a supplemental squat, split squats, belt squats, or leg press may be very useful for you.
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