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    I participated in a GORUCK Challenge for Memorial Day last Weekend that involved carrying a 30 pound plate in my Rucksack, marching 10.5 miles, and carrying an additional 60 pound sandbag on my shoulders for about 60% of the mileage. (Along with bear crawls, flutter kicks and and other PT interspersed.)

    I completed Week 2 of The Bridge last week before the Challenge and my original plan was to skip GPP on Thursday before the event and start Week 3 today with the extra day of rest from Monday.

    I think I may have overestimated the recoverability of my 46 year old body. I'm still very sore and stiff from the event, especially my low back and hips. I didn't train today as planned and I wanted to get your input on the best path forward.

    I was thinking about just programming a Squat/Press for tomorrow and Deadlift/Bench for Friday, working up to 3x5 @8 for each and not worrying about any accessory work. Then repeat Week 2 again next week and continue the program as planned.

    Does that sound reasonable or would you recommend a different approach?

    Also, I am doing a longer 18 hour Challenge in July and another in the fall. I don't do any specific training for these other than a couple of weighted 3 mile rucks per week that I use for LISS cardio instead of running anyway. Any general guidance on how to program around these types of high physical stress events when they fall in the middle of a program?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like a fun Memorial Day. I think what I'd do is repeat the 1st week of the Bridge and then jump straight from there to week 3 in this situation. I like following the high stress situations with a low stress week, in general. Hard to do it in a day, you know?
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