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  • Bench volume

    I apologize up front if this double posted. I was having some issues with it. I have a question about adding volume, but I want to give you some background info first. I just finished the Bridge last week and maxed on the main three lifts yesterday. Below is the progress that I was able to make from LP to post Bridge (all 1 RM):

    Squat 400-425
    Deadlift 425-450
    Bench 335-335
    Body weight stayed at 188, and I'm 5'10"

    I was pleased with the results and loved the Bridge. I appreciate you guys making that available to everyone. As you can see, my bench has stalled out. I have lifted off and on for several years and have also run several marathons competitively (I know, bad combination) in between my periods of lifting. When I started lifting, I rarely did legs, so squats and deadlifts are pretty new the last 6-8 months. I did a ton of upper body, especially bench. I worked my way up to 345 with mainly a lot of volume and periods of lifting heavy. I know now that I probably overtrained my chest at times, but to make it up to 345 with subpar programming isn't bad.
    So here is my question. After running the Bridge, I am going to do a block of the GPP hypertrophy and then maybe re-run the Bridge. I think I can continue to progress on my squat and deadlift. However, on bench I think I can handle more volume. The only time that was hard for me during the Bridge was during week 4. If I do the main days on MWF, I think I could handle another variation or double the volume on M and F, and then add in a bench movement on W to do after the press. Would essentially doubling the bench volume be too much of a change to incorporate? It seems like small jumps/changes are usually the way to go, but where I've trained the bench a lot more than the other lifts, I think it might pay off and potentially be necessary for a bench PR. If not, what would you recommend? Thank you.

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    I don't think increasing volume or exposure by 100% is a good idea in general. Additionally, more volume might not be the ticket without really knowing how programming went week by week. It seems unlikely that someone who took their lifts to 400/335/425 on LP only got to 425/335/450 on the bridge, so there's something else going on. That said, an increase of volume by ~10% seems like a good move if you need something actionable to do on the bench press.

    All in all, I do think that you may require some additional coaching to suss out what's going on, as it is difficult to tell from here.
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