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    Hi there, just looking for a little bit of guidance. I started SSLP in Dec and finished in April/May. Im currently going on to wk 4 of the Bridge and just trying to plan ahead as best I can.

    My stats are:
    Age 43
    5ft 9in
    207 lbs
    BF 25%

    Im wanting to get a little leaner but not sure wether its more practical training wise to focus on that next or just leave alone right now and deal with it later? so was thinking either running something like
    GPP Endurance > 12 Wk strength> GPP-Hy> 12 Wk strength> GPP-Hy

    Or would I be better of leaving out the Endurance and focusing on strength first so > 12 Wk strength > GPP-Hy> 12 Wk strength> GPP Endurance

    Thank you

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    Hey KennyD,

    I think in this situation I'd do the hypertrophy plan first, then the 12 week strength and reassess how you're doing. I'd plan on getting the bulk of your weight loss done during the 7 week hypertrophy block, then maintain during the 12 week strength.
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      Cheers Fella