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  • Thinking of Switching to Bridge

    Hello Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum and Dr. Austin Baraki,

    I am thinking of switching to the Bridge due to RPE being used. This was suggested on my post about having a manual labor job. However I have some questions. Due to the physical nature of the job, and the fact that I bike to work (about 10 minutes total of high-intensity riding 5x per week), I am wondering about the aerobic condition work on GPP days. Is my non-training aspect of life enough conditioning/stress? (I so far have not been able to get good sleep during the workweek, which may be affecting my recovery to a degree)

    Also (if easily answerable), how does the intensity and volume compare between the Bridge and my HLM program for lower body lifts (3x5 80%, 3x5 90%, 3x5 100% on squat; 3x8 rows, 1x5 DL, 4x5 Paused DL ~80% of 5 RM standard DL) over the entire 8 week period?


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    Do you think we should start going by Dr Feigenbaraki? An interesting thought....

    I don't know what programming you're doing now, but if it doesn't have an element of autoregulation in it then I think switching to one that does (like the Bridge) will be useful.

    For the GPP, think if you've been doing that conditioning for any period of time then you're likely acclimated to it and thus, it doesn't need to be considered in your programming to any great degree.

    For your intensity question, let's stick with the squat here. You're suggesting that you're average intensity is 90% of 1RM with a total working volume of 45 reps per week. You also suggest you're doing 3x5 @ 100%. That seems.....unlikely.

    In any event, if I had to guess based on the description of your HLM program then I'd say our average intensity is lower than yours.
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      No way. Dr. Barakibaum has a far better ring to it. No offense!


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        Instead of a fig tree , it would be a baraki tree.. It makes no sense, because barakis do not grow in trees