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Vacation during The Bridge

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  • Vacation during The Bridge

    Good afternoon,

    I've just completed the first two weeks of The Bridge and really enjoyed it. Additionally, I feel like I'm getting a hang of RPE.

    However, I won't be training for the next week while on vacation. For context, my compliance during prior several months of training was near 100%. When I return, should I resume with Week 3? Redo Week 2? Start over at Week 1? Foam roll*?



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    Not a hugely critical decision TBH. You could do any of those things and you'd be fine.

    If it were me, I'd probably repeat week 2.

    (Except foam roll.)
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      Austin, I thought I'd ask a related question. I'll be gone on vacation for 9 days after week 4 of the bridge. I'll have access to dumbbells up to 50 lbs (common in hotels), a bench machine, leg extension/curl, and a cross cable machine. In situations like this, would you have somebody do anything specific, or just get work in like myoreps/GPP/etc?


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        Yep, GPP-style work would be fine here.
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          As a side note, I travel quite a bit for work and have to shuffle around my workouts on the Bridge. I asked earlier what to do and Jordan said something along the lines of "find a barbell gym." While this generally works, on one trip I took my wife and she said that the 2-3 hours a day I had free weren't going to be spent lifting. And I was in Beijing here recently where a barbell gym was no where near the hotel and not worth sitting in traffic forever to get to.

          However the juggle (shifting workouts to the weekend before or after) and just repeating weeks, hasn't seemed to hurt progress any. My deadlift seems to just go up, even on repeat weeks. The only issue I have is that my squat drops a bit but I'm typically walking a lot, for work and just seeing what is happening wherever I happen to be. And jet lag seems to hurt the squat more than the other lifts, could be in my head. All in all, after worrying about it before hand and everything working out fine, I think people should shift and repeat if needed and not worry about it.